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Understanding Corporate Housing

Corporate housing is lodging solutions available which provide short-term furnished residential housing. Offering dozens of solutions for the every day traveler or displaced homeowner. In fact corporate housing isn’t just about traveling business executives and relocated professionals, but also about the traveling nurses, annual military personnel and their dependence, displaced homeowners because through insurance referrals or divorce, professional athletes who get traded from city to city, theater professionals filming a movie or traveling with a show, consultants on a project, employees at training programs, families on extended vacation or extended family visit, or individuals having out of state medical procedures. This can also be government officials serving outside of their district. In other words, corporate housing is not just for a relocated or traveling business person but for anyone who wants a quality space, convenience and comforts that a home away from home can offer.
Global Professional Housing Solutions Inc

Who utilizes corporate leases?

  • Business executives
  • Relocating professionals
  • Legislators, Lobbyist, consultants
  • Traveling medical staff
  • Visiting College professors
  • Visiting speakers
  • Individuals and families on military assignment
  • Families going through divorces, as well as extended vacation
  • Relators seeking temporary housing for their clients 
  • Home Insurance companies seeking housing for displaced homeowners.  
  • International students 
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Benefits of accepting our Corporate leases/ Business Applications:(property owners)

G.P Housing Solutions Standards

  • Guaranteed set rent for up to year or term of corporate lease
  • A long-term tenant
  • Renters insurance with every corporate lease, ( Typical residential insurance, acceptable and in compliance with all home insurances
  • Security equipment per unit with every corporate lease. (Cameras ,security system)
  • Extensive background check for every potential client
  • Professional cleaning service with every client. (Before & After)
  • Elegant and high-quality furnishing for every corporate lease
  • Proper care of all of our corporate leases
  • Full transparency and communication between G.P Housing solutions and property owners

How’s the Process? (property owners)

  • After having one of our field inspectors tour your space, a decision will be made based on the inspectors grade of your property, weather it fits our clients and companies standard.
  • We look for more modern and updated locations, to fit the quality of clients , and furniture.
  • After a final decision is made we will reach out to you and go over the lease terms and conditions.
  • Unlike other companies, we work hand and hand with the property owners to construct the corporate leases
  • We love our property owners input and suggestions to make our relationships with you guys more transparent and comfortable.
  • We offer shares to our property owners that agree to waive deposit cost and fees.
  • This means you would have a percentage of the companies yearly profit from all properties
  • Think of you using your property as a double investment,
  • Traditional monthly income and yearly income by being a member of the corporation