Global Professional Housing Solutions Inc

About Us

Here at GP Housing Solutions Inc, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality solutions for homeowners, business owners & travelers.

Property management 

As a homeowner you will be faced with issues and tasks that you might not be ready for, but we understand all the stress that may cause. No worries we are here to help.

We handle:

  • Targeted Marketing
  • Thorough Tenant Screening
  • Tenant Move-In and Inspection
  • Preventative Maintenance and Repairs
  • Rent Collection
  • Dealing with Defaulters
  • Routine Property Inspections
  • Accounting Services
  • Move-Out Inspections
  • Tenant Communications and Complaints

Short-Term Leasing

We facilitate and coordinate short-term residential housing in fully furnished and quiet properties. However, our services extend beyond accommodating professionals. We also provide housing for families displaced by disasters, families needing lodging for medical procedures, Homeowners /Buyers during that transition period, military employees seeking lodging for their assignment, and anyone else needing a temporary place to call home.

Commercial /Residential Cleaning 

We offer top tier cleaning services. Anything from a small to large businesses or studios to large homes, we’ve got you covered! 

Commercial Cleaning-

A cluttered or messy office can hurt your productivity. You and your team can focus on your goals by hiring us. G.P Housing Solutions offers commercial cleaning services in NYC, CT, NJ, PA, DE and MD.  In addition to offices, we also clean daycares, schools and medical centers and car dealerships.

Count on our team to handle all kinds of cleaning tasks. We’ll finish the job by vacuuming carpet with a HEPA filter and mopping hard floors with a pH-neutral solution. Contact us today to discuss what our cleaners can do for you. 

Residential Cleaning

Facing a mess can be overwhelming, especially if you’re already busy! Instead of cleaning your house by yourself, you can bring in professional house cleaners. G.P Housing Solutions can provide a variety of house cleaning services in NYC, CT, NJ, PA, DE, MD or any surrounding area.